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Warning-The Stefan Persson Foundation-fraud

The charity scam is back. Several months ago, talent/celebrities or their representatives were receiving emails that purported to be from The Stefan Persson Foundation (the “Foundation”) and soliciting their appearance at a future charitable event.

The emails were sent by scammers who represented that all costs associated with the appearance at the future event would be paid for by the Foundation and it would also advance funds for a donation that the talent/celebrity would make to the charity or event.

If the talent/celebrity agreed to appear, the scammers would make it look like funds had been transferred (advanced) to the talent/celebrity and then instruct the talent/celebrity to make the donation payment to the charitable event.

In reality, the scammers never transferred the funds to the talent/celebrity in the first place and the fraud was completed when the talent/celebrity subsequently made the purported donation payment.
Talent/celebrities or their representatives have again started receiving these scam emails.

The current scam email purports to come from The Stefan Persson Foundation and is sent by Marcus Lennart, Managing Director. Below are additional details regarding the sender of these scam emails.

Marcus Lennart 

Managing Director

© The Stefan Persson Foundation

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